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Double Check Your Facts before Making a Decision about Dental Implants

December 26, 2017
Posted By: Dental Care at Moon Valley
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It’s easy to take our teeth for granted when they are healthy and functioning correctly. But nothing can make you appreciate a healthy smile like losing a tooth.

This can be a devastating moment in your life; you may feel sad or depressed, it hurts when you eat, and you are so self-conscious about your smile that you don’t want to be around people.

Facts About Dental Implants

We understand how disconcerting this can be, so our first objective is to help you find a solution for tooth replacement that best fits all your needs. You may have heard a lot about dental implants, but how much do you really know about them compared to other tooth replacement options?

A dental implant is a titanium root that is placed surgically into your jawbone. A single implant can be used to replace a tooth, or we can restore several teeth by securing implants to a bridge or denture. When deciding on tooth replacement, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dental implants restore your ability to chew comfortably: Removable dentures only restore about 10% of your chewing ability, while dental implants restore about 90%.
  • Dentures can make speaking and eating a challenge, but implants function just like a natural tooth would. If you are a denture-wearer, we can add implants to increase stability.
  • Unlike a dental bridge that requires the support of healthy adjacent teeth, implants are a standalone solution that doesn’t depend on natural teeth for support.
  • Dentures need to be relined every three to five years, but dental implants are virtually maintenance free.

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There’s a lot to take into consideration when deciding on a tooth replacement. If you are dealing with tooth loss and would like to learn more about dental implants in Phoenix, AZ, please call Dental Care at Moon Valley at (602) 843-6000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chad Hines.

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