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Healthy Teeth and Gums Means a Healthy Heart

October 12, 2020
Posted By: Dental Care at Moon Valley
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Behind every healthy and beautiful smile, there are also healthy gums. Your gums provide a stable foundation for your teeth and smile. If you suffer from gum disease, not only is the health of your teeth at risk, but your overall health and well being could also be jeopardized.

Science has found a distinct link between the inflammation that causes gum disease and that which contributes to other health concerns in the body, such as:

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Complications During Pregnancy

Here's what you should know about gum disease so you can protect your health.

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when plaque buildup causes an infection in your gums, which can also affect the bone that supports your teeth. If this infection is left untreated, it progresses and eventually destroys the support system for your teeth, resulting in tooth loss.

When bacteria and plaque build up, inflammation starts and causes irritation and bleeding in your gums. This bacteria can then enter your bloodstream and travel to other areas of the body where it contributes to the inflammation causing other non-dental related health concerns.

Gum Disease Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Visiting your dentist in 85022 consistently every six months for routine teeth cleanings and checkups is the best way to protect your dental health and, in turn, your overall health and well-being. Your dentist in Phoenix, AZ screens you for health concerns like tooth decay and gum disease during every examination; and your hygienist removes the plaque buildup that causes gum disease during your cleaning.

Having an excellent home care routine that consists of daily teeth brushing and flossing also protects your teeth and gums. Your dental team is a good resource for ensuring that you're using proper brushing and flossing techniques to remove the most plaque and bacteria.

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Your team at Dental Care at Moon Valley is also well-equipped to provide gum disease treatment in Phoenix, AZ if you need it. Contact us at (602) 843-6000 if you have questions about gum disease or if it's time to schedule your next preventive dental appointment.

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