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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Floss

January 16, 2023
Posted By: Dr. Chad Hines

Flossing is often a forgotten or ignored part of people’s oral hygiene regimen. However, flossing is essential to having healthy teeth and gums. Dental Care at Moon Valley provides full-service dentistry, including preventive care to keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful. We also offer support for improved oral hygiene at home, including flossing.

Here are five reasons why you should always floss. 

1. Cleans Your Teeth 

Plaque naturally forms in the mouth, and you can remove it with daily brushing and flossing. However, if plaque stays on the teeth too long, it can turn into tartar, which must be removed by a dental professional. Flossing removes plaque from between the teeth and around the gums, keeping your smile clean and healthy. 

2. Protects Against Cavities 

Bacteria found in plaque feed on the sugars in the food we consume. The bacteria then expel acids that can eat away dental enamel. When food gets stuck between teeth, the harmful bacteria have a feeding frenzy and slowly wear away your teeth. This is why cavities are commonly discovered in between teeth. Flossing reaches these in-between spaces and removes the plaque and bacteria, protecting your teeth from cavities. 

3. Helps Prevent Gum Disease 

Plaque can also damage gum tissue, and the bacteria and acids can inflame the gums. Gum inflammation can lead to gingivitis or more advanced gum disease if not properly cared for. Flossing effectively prevents gingivitis and gum disease, so we encourage patients to floss like a boss every day! 

4. Stops Your Gums from Bleeding 

Swollen, red gum tissue means your gums are inflamed and can be one of the early signs of gingivitis. Gum inflammation has been connected to heart disease and other health conditions, so reducing the inflammation can help protect your overall health. 

5. Fights Bad Breath 

Loosening food particles and clearing away bacteria also eliminates odor that can linger in your mouth. Flossing removes plaque, fights bad breath, and keeps your teeth clean. 

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