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Study Links Periodontal Disease to Stomach Cancer

February 20, 2018
Posted By: Dental Care at Moon Valley
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Did you know that numerous studies indicate your periodontal health can have a significant impact on your general health? Research in this area continues, and as it does, our understanding of the role that chronic gum infections play in your overall health grows.

Gum Health and Gastric Cancer

Another of these studies was published recently in the Journal of Periodontology and it investigates the connection between gum disease and gastric cancer. It is believed that the presence of certain types of bacteria causes gum infections and chronic inflammations, which in turn can contribute to the development of gastric cancers.

To gather their results, the researchers tested 35 patients who were recently diagnosed with gastric cancer and 70 patients with no cancer. A full mouth examination was conducted on each patient, and it was found that 31 percent of those with cancer experienced increased bleeding when their gums were probed compared to only 22 percent in the group without cancer.

Further research in this particular area needs to be conducted, but it's clear that your periodontal health has a direct bearing on many of your bodily systems.

We Start with Prevention

The good news is that with conscientious oral hygiene and semi-annual visits for exams and cleanings, you may never have to worry about dealing with gum disease. During these routine visits, we will look for signs of any problems that are developing and educate you about ways you can keep your smile healthy.

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