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What are the best and safest methods for teeth whitening?

Patient smiling after professional teeth whitening in PhoenixYour cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, AZ strongly recommends you avoid store-bought kits and internet whitening gels. When whitening your smile, you should do so under a dental professional's directions for safety and an optimal outcome.  

Professional teeth whitening means a dentist has looked at your oral health and deemed the ingredients safe for your teeth and gums. And dentists and their teams have a lot of experience in prescribing and customizing whitening treatments.

When you use over-the-counter systems to whiten your teeth, you risk damaging your enamel and ongoing tooth sensitivity. Additionally, you can be left with uneven results, which is never flattering—imagine teeth of varying hues.

Professional Teeth Whitening in North Phoenix

Our patients have loved our professional teeth whitening in Phoenix, AZ because our systems lift stubborn stains and prepare you for life’s important events: weddings, parties, and job promotions.

It all starts with a consultation at our North Phoenix dental office. We will let you know whether whitening is safe for you, what to expect following your treatment, and we are always here to answer your questions.

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