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How long does it take to put a crown on a tooth?

Completing dental crowns in Phoenix, AZ, typically takes about two weeks and two appointments with your dentist.

During the first appointment, our dentists prepare your tooth for its new restoration and take impressions of it to send to our trusted dental lab, which will handcraft your new tooth. At this time, they will also prepare a temporary crown for you to wear while the dental lab perfects your final restoration. This process typically takes two to three weeks.

When your final crown is ready, you'll return to Dental Care at Moon Valley to have one of our dentists permanently place it. They'll ensure that the crown blends seamlessly with your smile and make any adjustments at this time to ensure that your bite functions correctly. After that, you're ready to smile, talk, and eat with ease again.

Dental crowns are an excellent choice for restoring teeth that have been heavily damaged by decay or have a sizeable broken-down restoration to restore. A crown restores all the functions and aesthetics you had before and protects the integrity of your original tooth.

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