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Is it better to get a crown or pull the tooth?

Our goal at Dental Care at Moon Valley is always to preserve our patient's natural teeth for as long as possible. We look at tooth extraction as a last resort when needed to protect a patient's dental health.

If an infected tooth is beyond the scope of what root canal treatment can repair, tooth extraction is the subsequent necessary treatment to prevent the infection from worsening and spreading to other critical areas of the body, like the brain. 

Your dentist in North Phoenix, AZ, often uses root canal treatment to preserve the natural tooth by removing the infected tissue inside it and then strengthening it with a porcelain crown. This ensures that you have the functions you had before your tooth infection, so you can enjoy your food and eat easily. 

If you're living with a painful or compromised tooth, our dentists would love to speak with you about the options for your smile. We take a conservative approach at Dental Care at Moon Valley, and we'll always look to help you preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible.

If saving your tooth isn't an option, our dentists have the skills and expertise to perform a comfortable tooth extraction. We also offer several tooth replacement options at our Phoenix dental office.

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