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Why should I replace silver amalgam fillings?

Replacing Silver Fillings FAQ | Dental Care at Moon Valley Dentists have used inexpensive silver amalgam to fill and seal teeth for decades. The problem with these fillings is that they don’t bond securely to the surface of the natural tooth. In order to keep the filling in the tooth, we need to create a chamber that undercuts the exterior of the tooth.

Metal Dental Fillings

Placing a silver amalgam filling may make the tooth usable again, but it can also weaken it because of the larger space needed to accommodate the filling.

Recent advances in dental material and technology now provide us with composite filling material, an alternative to silver fillings that is stronger, safer, and more natural looking. The advantage to using composite fillings is that, unlike silver fillings, they do bond to the tooth, providing more protection from fracturing. The tooth-colored composite filling material is layered into the tooth and cured (hardened) with a special curing light.

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After the filling has been placed, the surface will be carefully shaped to match your natural tooth, then finished with a polishing. The material and the process used to place the filling make the repair virtually invisible to the naked eye. With natural-looking composite fillings, you no longer have to worry about dark spots in your smile caused by metal fillings. 

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