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What is better a root canal or tooth extraction?

If you have a root infection or have sustained trauma to your tooth, your dentist in Phoenix, AZ will work hard to save it through root canal treatment. We recommend this approach because we feel it’s better for your health and self-esteem. If you would rather not save the tooth, however, let your dentist know that you’d like it extracted.

Procedure for Root Canals in Phoenix, AZ

Through root canal Dentist performing root canal treatment in Phoenix AZtreatment in Phoenix, AZ, your dentist numbs your gum and gently removes the inflamed tissues from the center of your tooth—the very culprits that may be causing you pain. Later, we provide a filling or dental crown to stabilize the tooth and prevent breakage. This is a very common procedure that allows you to save an otherwise unsalvageable tooth.

If you choose tooth extraction in 85022, or if the tooth cannot be saved, we recommend tooth-replacement following your recovery. Tooth replacement keeps your smile healthy and helps prevent complications. Remember, even a small smile gap can cause shifting teeth, enamel wear, bite misalignment, and jawbone deterioration.

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