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How often should I visit the dentist?

Patients often wonder how often they should visit the dentist to keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean. Most dentists recommend general dentistry visits at least once every six months for a teeth cleaning and exam. 

Man smiling at visit with general dentist in Phoenix AZWith regular professional teeth cleanings and thorough dental exams that include x-rays, we can help you maintain excellent oral health over a lifetime. Suppose we notice any developing dental problems during your visits.

In that case, we can address the problem promptly and generally with more conservative treatment methods than would be necessary if you waited until the issues started causing pain. We can often save you money, pain, and time spent in the dental chair with early treatment. 

Regular appointments are also an excellent chance for our dentists in Phoniex to check your gums for signs of gum disease, which is a significant cause of tooth loss among adults in America.

If you do notice tooth pain or other oral health issues between your routine visits, you should, of course, schedule an additional dental appointment with Dr. Chad Hines so he can find the source of your dental pain and resolve it quickly.

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To keep your teeth and gums strong and disease- and cavity-free, it’s essential to see your Phoenix dentist routinely. Dr. Hines offers gentle, knowledgeable care, and he looks forward to helping you maintain the best oral health and a beautiful smile.

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