Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Chad Hines, DDS and his team understand that having a healthy smile is just as important as having a beautiful smile, and the two often go hand in hand. For example, when you make repairs to your teeth, it enhances the appearance of your smile, too, in many cases.

Studies have shown that your smile impacts you and those around you. The act of smiling produces endorphins and other "feel good" chemicals in your brain and improves your mood. It's also contagious for those around you and does the same for them.

Whether your smile needs repair or a complete makeover, Dr. Hines has the skills and expertise to help you reach your goals. If you're considering making changes to your smile, we encourage you to contact your team at Dental Care at Moon Valley today at (602) 843-6000 to learn more about what's possible for your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix, AZ.

Problems That Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix

Close up of patients smile at cosmetic dentist near me PhoenixPatients feel self-conscious about their smiles for many reasons, and your cosmetic dentist in Phoenix, AZ has solutions for all types of situations.

Maybe you're living with stained teeth, or teeth that are yellowed or dull from aging, or lifestyle choices like tobacco use. Professional teeth whitening to bleach your teeth or dental bonding to cover stubborn staining might be a solution for these concerns.

Or, perhaps you've got more significant issues like broken, decayed, or missing teeth that are plaguing your smile. These situations may require solutions like tooth-colored fillings for cavities, a porcelain crown for deep decay or a fracture, or dental implants to restore tooth loss.

Whatever your smile needs may be, Dr. Hines begins with an evaluation. During this appointment, he takes the time to listen to your concerns about your smile and also your goals. Then, he performs a thorough examination to determine where the problem areas are and your options to fix them. In many cases, you might have multiple options for restoring your smile.

Dr. Hines will review and discuss any of your options with you to help you select the best path forward to help you meet your smile goals while staying within your budget and scheduling needs. He'll also take the time to answer any questions you may have about your options or the procedures.

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile

If you're not living with broken, crooked, or missing teeth, your smile might only need a quick boost. Professional teeth whitening in Phoenix eliminates tooth stains or discoloration to give you a brighter smile and take years off your appearance.

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we offer both in-office and take-home teeth bleaching options for your convenience. In-office treatments are quick and effective for those who need results fast, and take-home teeth whitening kits are convenient and straightforward to use at home based on your schedule.

You'll leave our dental office with immediate results if you choose an in-office teeth whitening treatment, and a take-home teeth bleaching system delivers results in about two weeks. You will also have your trays available for any updates you'd like to make to your smile in the future.

Dental Bonding or Porcelain Veneers

Patient smiling at dentist office in PhoenixAre you living with smile concerns like:

  • Gaps and spacing between teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Stubborn tooth stains or discoloration that doesn't improve with teeth whitening
  • Oddly shaped teeth
  • Tooth size discrepancies
  • Slight tooth misalignment

If you have one or more of these concerns, you might consider dental bonding or porcelain veneers to restore and enhance your smile.

Dental bonding and veneers can achieve much of the same results; however, there are significant differences, such as:

  • Porcelain veneers are a permanent addition to your smile
  • Veneers can change the color, shape, and shade of your teeth for a complete smile redesign
  • Dental bonding tends to be less expensive than porcelain veneers  
  • We can typically complete bonding during one procedure

Porcelain veneers can repair one or two teeth but are ideal for a smile redesign. Think "Hollywood" smile. 

If you're looking to repair and enhance your smile, Dr. Hines would love to discuss the benefits of dental bonding or porcelain veneers with you to help you determine the best option for your lifestyle and budget.

Tooth-Colored Restorations for a Beautiful Smile

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we're committed to providing our patients with the best dental services and materials. Dr. Hines uses the latest technology in our Phoenix dental office, and he relies on the top dental labs to deliver high-quality restorations to our patients. So whether you need a natural-looking dental filling or a dental crown to restore your tooth, you can rest assured that you'll receive a restoration that you can rely on for durability and enjoy for its aesthetics.

Composite resin material allows Dr. Hines to customize dental fillings and match them to your tooth. As a result, composite fillings provide excellent durability while blending flawlessly with your smile. Composite fillings also don't react to temperature changes in your mouth like metal fillings do, and they preserve more of your natural tooth since they don't require Dr. Hines to reduce your enamel as much as metal fillings do.

Ceramic porcelain crowns cover a decayed or fractured tooth completely, protecting your natural tooth and root and providing aesthetics for your smile. Like composite resin, we can customize porcelain to match your neighboring teeth and complement your smile. We can also combine tooth crowns with other procedures like porcelain veneers to design the smile you've always wanted.

Tooth-colored restorations give you the freedom to smile and laugh with confidence and the function to eat and chew with ease.

Dental Implants Restore Lost Teeth

Woman smiling with dental implants in Phoenix AZA missing tooth presents problems for both your smile and your dental health. A gap in your smile might leave you feeling self-conscious about talking or interacting with other people, but it also impacts the health of your jawbone and your other teeth over time.

Tooth loss can also result in bone loss since your jawbone has nothing left to support, which can impact support for surrounding teeth. A missing tooth also allows neighboring teeth to shift into the open space, creating bite misalignment and an increased risk of problems like gum disease or tooth fractures.

A dental implant is an ideal solution for tooth replacement and smile restoration because it replaces your tooth and root. It also provides the look, function, and feel of a natural tooth, and you can brush, floss, and care for it just like you would for your natural tooth.

If you need tooth replacement solutions for your smile, Dr. Hines can complete a dental implant procedure from start to finish at our Phoenix dental office. He can also discuss other replacement options for you if dental implants aren't a good fit.

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