Dental Crowns in Phoenix, AZ

Is one of your teeth weakened to the point of cracking or fracturing? Maybe you have a cavity that is too large to be filled?

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we have many options for repairing a damaged smile, no matter what dental problem you have. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality dental care that takes all your unique needs into account.

Dr. Chad Hines, DDS has extensive experience in restorative dentistry, with the ability to create beautiful crowns that restore function and blend seamlessly with your smile.

If your tooth is too severely damaged to be repaired with a filling, our dentist may suggest fitting a crown to restore and preserve the tooth. A dental crown is a cap that fits right over the tooth to protect, replace any lost structure, and restore functionality.

If you live near Phoenix or surrounding neighborhoods, please give us a call at (602) 843-6000 to schedule your dental crown evaluation and to find out more about your options for restoring your smile.

Modern Dental Crowns for Lasting Results

Close Up of Dental Crowns in Phoenix, AZThere are several materials used to make dental crowns, but porcelain is typically the most realistic in appearance. Porcelain crowns match the color of your natural teeth, meaning that they'll blend seamlessly with your smile. We can make tooth crowns from porcelain, metals, composite resin, ceramic, and other dental materials.

Each material has its pros and cons—some materials are more durable while others look more natural. At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we will help our patients go over their dental crown options and which material is best for their lifestyle and budget.

When Is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Dental crowns aren't just effective for protecting teeth from additional damage. Our cosmetic dentist in North Phoenix uses tooth crowns to realign, reshape, or whiten a tooth, adding to a bright, healthy smile.

Dr. Chad Hines often chooses dental crowns to:

  • Support a Tooth That Has Extensive Decay: When a cavity or fracture takes up half the width of the tooth, it needs to be protected by a dental crown. The structure of the tooth is weak after a large cavity has removed a lot of the structure; without protection, it is prone to fracturing or ongoing tooth decay. Sometimes a large filling that has been around for a while may need to be replaced with a dental crown if it appears apparent that there are stress fractures or cracks around it.
  • Protect a Tooth Following Root Canal Treatment: Cleaning out the infected material leaves a hollow space inside the tooth, leaving it vulnerable to breaking or fracturing. Dr. Chad Hines will commonly place a dental cap over your tooth immediately after a root canal treatment.
  • Protect a Broken Tooth: When a patient fractures a tooth through injury, chewing down on something hard, or other reasons, the tooth is likely to split apart if left untreated. A dental crown will keep the tooth together and redistribute the pressure of biting down and chewing evenly to other teeth.
  • Excessive Enamel Erosion: Over time, our enamel can start to show signs of wear, especially if patients have misaligned teeth or bite, or if they grind their teeth. Teeth can also erode due to acid reflux, bulimia, or an overly acidic diet. If left untreated, the enamel can wear down and become thin and soft, even collapsing. Dental crowns will protect your tooth and restore your teeth to their original size.
  • Improve the Appearance of a Misshapen Tooth: Not all teeth are absolutely beautiful; some are unattractive due to their unusual color, size, shape, or gaps between teeth. Dental crowns can make your smile look natural and attractive.
  • Restore a Dental Implant: Crowns are the visible tooth portion of dental implants that restore missing teeth.
  • Stabilize a Dental Bridge: Dental bridges are another tooth replacement option that utilizes dental crowns to fill in the space left by a missing tooth; dental crowns placed over the neighboring teeth attach to fake teeth in the middle. 

Each patient has their own unique needs and smile treatment plans; your Phoenix cosmetic dentist will help determine what your best options are.

Procedure for Crowns at Dental Care at Moon ValleyWoman at dentist in Phoenix for dental crown consultation

Dental crowns typically only take two appointments to finalize. During your first appointment with Dr. Chad Hines, DDS, we prepare your tooth and make an impression of your smile to send to our dental lab. Our dentists in Phoenix help patients choose the right tooth shading that will make them happy. While we fabricate the dental crown, we place a temporary dental crown to keep your tooth protected.

Once your restoration is completed, our dental crown dentist will permanently secure the crown to the tooth. When the fit is perfect, the crown will be sealed and prevent bacteria from entering. Once we make final adjustments to the dental crown, we will make sure that your bite is aligned.

Placing dental crowns is pain-free, but we are happy to help patients who have dental anxiety regarding procedures. We encourage open communication and an ongoing dialogue with our patients.

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we always provide exceptional patient care.

What Is the Lifetime of My Dental Crown?

While dental crowns are a popular means for enhancing your smile and restoring weakened teeth, they are not infallible. The average lifespan of a dental crown is 10 to 15 years, especially if properly cared for and maintained.

Many variables determine how long your dental crowns will last, including the material they're made from because some are more durable than others. Where we place the dental crown also affects its wear and tear. The precision of the fit and the skill of your dentist are critical, as is the way you take care of it. A poor fit will allow bacteria to get under the crown, possibly resulting in tooth decay.

You can expect to enjoy your new dental crown for many years, but how you look after it can extend its lifespan. 

How Do I Care for My Dental Crown or Bridge?Patient smiling at dentist near me Phoenix AZ

Taking care of your new investment is incredibly simple and won't interfere with your regular schedule. Dental crowns can't get cavities, but the tooth they protect is especially vulnerable, which is why proper at-home oral care is so essential in maintaining your dental prosthetic.

Tooth crown aftercare is no more complicated than daily brushing and flossing just as you usually do. It's also essential to keep up with your routine dental check-ups with your Phoenix dentist to stop small dental issues from growing into costly headaches. 

Contact Our Phoenix Dental Office to Get Started with Crowns!

Restorative dentistry is a valuable investment and commitment, requiring both money and time. Your Phoenix dental team will take any time necessary to explain all your options and provide you with the information you need to make a decision that delivers the results you want.

Our goal is to make sure you're delighted with the results because, with proper oral hygiene and dental maintenance, your new dental crown will serve you for many years. If you're interested in learning more about our state-of-the-art tooth crowns, call Dental Care at Moon Valley at (602) 843-6000 to arrange a consultation with Dr. Hines