Full & Partial Dentures in Phoenix, AZ

Our smiles are one of our most prominent facial features, and they can relay so much without us ever having to speak a word. Our teeth play a crucial role in both the appearance and function of our smiles, and because we use those smiles daily while interacting with other people, it’s vital that we can rely on those smiles to do their jobs. 

When you’re comfortable with your smile, your confidence radiates from the inside out. Knowing your smile is healthy and whole lets you interact and speak freely with other people in business, social, and personal settings. Unfortunately, missing and damaged teeth can diminish your confidence and self-esteem, making it harder to engage in conversations and feel like your best self. Compromised smiles can even make you feel and look older than you are. 

If you have missing teeth and yearn for the days where you interacted with coworkers and loved ones without a care in the world, there’s no need to despair—you can rediscover a beautiful smile. At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we offer full and partial dentures in Phoenix, AZ to help you replace missing natural teeth. 

We’re excited to share more about our sleek, modern dentures and how they can help you restore beauty and function to your smile. If you’d like to schedule a personal dentures consultation with us, please don’t hesitate to call (602) 843-6000.

Will I definitely need dentures?

One of the most important things to understand about dentures—and dental restorations in general—is that it is possible to live your whole life with your natural teeth.Sets of full & partial dentures in Phoenix AZ

Lots of us live with the memory of the difficulties our parents or grandparents went through with dentures. Have you been dreading the idea that someday you might have to deal with them, too? Fortunately, all the great new dental technology and procedures that have come along allow people to keep their original teeth a lot longer than in the past.

Not every patient will need dentures, and some patients won’t even need many minor dental restorations as they age. 

Although genetics and medical conditions do play a role in the health of your teeth, you also have a massive amount of control over how healthy your smile is. Small lifestyle choices, such as flossing daily, avoiding tobacco products, and limiting your intake of sodas and liquid sugars, will help your teeth stay healthy for years to come. The better care you take of your teeth earlier in life, the better off your smile will be as you get older. 

What dentures are the best to get?

As we discussed above, if you take good care of your teeth, there’s a good chance you won’t ever have to think about dentures!

However, as we all know, there are no guarantees in life. So, what happens if you do indeed need dentures? You’ll suddenly have a lot of decisions to face: Which type of dentures are best for you? How will your new dentures fit and feel? Will they look unnatural? Would dental implants be a better choice?

Dentist in Phoenix AZ holding set of full denturesYour dentist in Phoenix, AZ will be there to answer all your specific questions about dentures. Still, it’s also helpful to have some general background knowledge about this type of dental restoration.

Dentures of today have truly come a long way since their ancestors from decades and even centuries ago. Modern full and partial dentures are durable, customized, attractive, and lifelike. 

If your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones had dentures in the past, you’re probably picturing the large, bulky, plastic-looking sets of teeth that used to be standard in the dental industry. Today, however, dentists have endless tools at their disposal to make dentures better than ever before. 

We make our customized dentures from lightweight acrylic that we can tint, so the color blends naturally with your actual gums. Skilled technicians work alongside our dentists to create a final product that both looks realistic and will stand the test of time. 

When you choose modern partials or full dentures in Moon Valley, you’ll be getting restorations that:

  • Look realistic and match the shading of any remaining natural teeth
  • Have a natural-looking gum line with gums that resemble living, pink gum tissue
  • Are comfortable to wear and fit your mouth without irritation
  • Respond well to customizations, including working alongside dental implants for extra support

Simply put, your dentures will not be a clunky, cumbersome, ill-fitting dental restoration that makes it hard to eat and speak. Instead, these artificial teeth will improve your quality of life and make it easier for you to enjoy the things you love!

Which dentures in Phoenix are right for me?

Your dentist can offer you two distinct styles of dentures: full or partial.

As you might guess from their names, full dentures replace a complete set of missing teeth, while partial dentures, or “partials,” are for patients who have some missing teeth and some natural teeth. 

Retaining natural teeth is always the goal, so if much of your smile is still intact, our Moon Valley dentist will recommend partial dentures. If, however, you’re missing an entire arch (either upper or lower) of teeth or are completely edentulous (no natural teeth left at all), we will suggest complete dentures for full tooth replacement. Man and wife smiling in their kitchen at home in Phoenix, AZ

Many patients also choose to combine two different types of reliable dental restorations to achieve the best possible result. We offer implant-supported dentures for patients who want to replace multiple missing teeth while helping their dentures stay secure and firmly in place. Implant-supported dentures in Phoenix are a good choice if you’re looking for a treatment option that’s somewhere between traditional dentures and full dental implants in cost, recovery time, and level of care. 

Our dental team will always help you determine which type of denture is right for you based on your lifestyle, budget, and overall oral health. If you have specific questions about your smile and how dentures may fit into your treatment plan, we encourage you to schedule a dentures appointment with us!

How will I care for my dentures?

Caring for your dentures only takes a few minutes each day. When you commit to take care of and clean your dentures as thoroughly as you can, you help keep your mouth clean and free from bacteria while also prolonging the lifespan of your dental restoration. 

Taking care of dentures is simple. Each day, you should:

  • Rinse dentures with water after every meal or snack
  • Thoroughly clean dentures at least once a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a denture cleanser (not regular toothpaste)
  • Remove your dentures before going to bed and soak them in water or a denture solution. You should never sleep with your dentures in, as your mouth needs the time each night to rest from the prosthetic
  • Be mindful of where and how you clean your dentures. We recommend cleaning your dentures over the carpet or putting a towel/blanket down if you’re in a bathroom to prevent your dentures from breaking if you accidentally drop them
  • Keep your gum tissue and remaining teeth healthy by brushing gently, flossing if appropriate, and using mouthwash

In addition to the daily tasks you perform at home to keep your dentures in tip-top shape, we always recommend routine visits to your dentist in Phoenix, AZ for checkups and monitoring. Whether you still have many natural teeth or are missing every tooth, you are still susceptible to gum disease and other oral health concerns. Denture wearers, much like every other dental patient, still need regular preventive care!

When can your dentist in Phoenix see me for an evaluation?

Our dentist in Phoenix, Dr. Chad Hines, DDS is always accepting new patients for a dentures evaluation. When you contact our dental office about dentures in Phoenix, we can usually get you in to see us within a few weeks. Please call our friendly front office at Dental Care at Moon Valley by dialing (602) 843-6000.