General Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we offer the dental services your family needs—from the youngest member to the oldest. Our Phoenix dental team wants you and your family to enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. Although we have built our practice on a foundation of preventive care, which is essential for good oral heal, we also offer the treatments you need when things go awry

Young couple smiling at Phoenix Mountains PreserveWhether you are new to the area and looking for a new dental home, or if you have let things go with your oral health and are overdue for an examination and dental cleaning, we look forward to serving you! Our caring team of friendly dental professionals is here to support you in whatever goals you might have for your smile.

Please take a look below to find more information about our general dentistry services. We are available any time you have questions. Contact Dental Care at Moon Valley today!

Common General Dentistry Procedures

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we are pleased to offer comprehensive dentistry to all your family members, from kids to seniors. We’re pleased to offer comprehensive general dentistry in Phoenix that allows your family to receive all of your essential dental care in one comfortable, convenient location.

Some of the general and family dentistry services we offer include:

  • Preventive dentistry, teeth cleanings, and digital x-rays
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extraction

The best way to determine which procedures are right for you is to come in for your annual exams and dental cleanings. Dr. Chad Hines, DDS will examine your teeth and develop a personalized care plan for your oral health needs. 

Protect Your Smile with Preventive Dentistry

Like most dentists in Phoenix, AZ, we have built our practice on a foundation of prevention. Our goal is always to discover dental issues as early as possible, and coming in every six months for routine examinations and dental cleanings is the best way to do that. Coming in regularly means we can detect problems while they are easy to treat. “Easy to treat” usually means less time in the dental chair and less money out of your wallet.

Even if you are diligent about brushing and flossing, you will still have tartar buildup around your teeth that cannot be removed at home. Toothbrushes and dental floss just don’t reach some areas of your mouth. Tartar, or calculus, is a hard mineral-like deposit that needs to be removed at the dentist with special tools.

Another crucial part of your biannual checkups is that it gives us a chance to inspect your gums and supporting tooth structures for signs of gum disease. Many people in Phoenix, AZ have gum disease, and they don’t know they have it until the condition is advanced. Because gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss among American adults, preventive dentistry in Phoenix, AZ is crucial.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Enhance Your Smile

Nothing makes us happier than seeing healthy smiles that are beautiful too. If your teeth and gums are healthy but you would like to make improvements to the way your smile looks, we would love to help. With cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix, AZ such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, and porcelain veneers, there is no reason to have a smile you feel self-conscious about.

Whether you have a special event coming up such as a wedding and you want to whiten yellow teeth, or if you simply want to feel more confident about the way you look, cosmetic dentistry might be your answer.

Restorative Treatments for Problematic or Missing Teeth

Having a healthy smile that functions properly is essential for chewing, speaking, and being able to smile. When teeth are damaged or missing, it can impact your life negatively on a daily basis. People also tend to make assumptions about you as a person.

We can fix teeth that are cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged with procedures such as dental bonding or dental crowns. We offer many options for missing teeth, including bridges, dentures, and dental implants in Phoenix, AZ. Let our experienced dental team restore your smile!

Don't Leave Gum Disease Left Untreated

Gum disease is a common condition that often goes untreated. The only way you can know if your gums are healthy is by going to the dentist. Gum disease can be present with no symptoms whatsoever, and by the time the signs are there, the condition is well advanced. Gum disease treatment in Phoenix, AZ is one reason preventive examinations are so important.

Family of dental patients at Dental Care at Moon Valley in 85022If we can discover your gum disease in its earliest stages, we might be able to reverse it. Left untreated, however, it will just get worse. By the time you seek treatment, the best we can do at that point is to manage the condition. Gum disease is the main cause of adult tooth loss. You simply cannot have healthy teeth without healthy gums.

Why We Are a Judgment-Free Dental Practice

You are a responsible adult and taking care of your oral health is up to you. If you have put off routine dental appointments only to find yourself with a problem that needs treatment, you can come to our Phoenix, AZ dental office feeling confident that we will not lecture you or make judgments. It’s simply not our place! We will never make you feel bad about coming to our dental office.

Our goal is to provide you with the treatment you need to bring your oral health back to a healthier place. If you choose not to proceed with treatment, that too is your choice. Our Phoenix, AZ general dentists will explain the potential consequences of avoiding treatment, but in the end, the decision is yours.

We want all of our patients to feel comfortable at our Phoenix, AZ dental office. And we hope you’ll feel comfortable enough to come back when it’s time for a routine examination and cleaning.

Financial Solutions for Dental Care that Fit Your Budget

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we understand that family budgets can be tight. Paying for dental care is often not a priority. But what we try to emphasize to our patients is that preventive care in the form of checkups and cleanings every six months can actually save money in the long run. By coming in regularly, your Phoenix general dentist can detect problems in your mouth while they are still small. Smaller issues are usually less invasive to treat—and less expensive.

We also offer a number of financial options to pay for dental treatments at our Phoenix practice. We work with most insurance companies, accept CareCredit as well as traditional credit cards, and offer an in-house discount plan. Our in-house discount plan helps make dentistry affordable for our patients without dental insurance.

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