Sedation Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

Woman with dental anxiety covering her mouth at Dental Care at Moon ValleyDo you suffer from dental anxiety? It can manifest in different degrees, where some people don’t feel nervous until they’re sitting in the dental chair, while others can’t even pick up the phone to make an appointment.

If your anxiety makes it difficult for you to seek dental treatment or causes you stress when you do, you’ll be pleased to know that offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at our Phoenix dental office. 

What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Also called laughing gas or happy gas, nitrous oxide is a type of mild sedation that works well for many adults and children. In dentistry, nitrous oxide falls under the category of minimal sedation. For over 100 years, nitrous oxide has been used safely to help dental patients relax during their procedures. 

Nitrous oxide is a gas, so you inhale it through a small mask that sits over your nose. Breathe in naturally, and soon you’ll start to feel a pleasant wave of relaxation that will carry you comfortably through your appointment.

When we complete your procedure, we turn off the flow of nitrous and switch to pure oxygen that you inhale pure for several minutes. As you do, the effects of nitrous oxide dissipate quickly, so you can drive yourself from our Phoenix dental office and resume your usual activities with no drowsy after-effects.

Who Should Get Nitrous Oxide?

We use nitrous to help patients relax during all sorts of dental procedures, including tooth fillings, root canals, and extractions. Some patients even choose to have nitrous during their dental cleaning, especially if they have sensitive teeth or a strong gag reflex. 

Patients who should not have nitrous oxide are those with emphysema, COPD, MS, or a cold that makes it difficult to breathe freely through the nose. Nitrous is not safe for use during pregnancy but is fine for mothers who are nursing.

Could Nitrous Oxide Help at Your Next Appointment?

Dental patient smiling at our Phoenix, AZ dental practiceYou couldn’t meet a kinder or more caring group of people than you’ll meet at our Phoenix dental office. We put your comfort first in everything we do, and we want you to have the most pleasant, relaxing experience possible while you’re with us.

Even so, there’s no reason for you to deal with nervous feelings when nitrous oxide is available to relieve your anxiety and allow you to relax comfortably throughout your dental appointment. You don’t need a driver to get you home afterward, and you’ll be able to return to your usual activities, feeling alert and refreshed.

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If you suffer from dental anxiety, nitrous oxide at our Phoenix dental office may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Call us and let us know that you’re interested in trying nitrous at your next appointment at Dental Care at Moon Valley. 

We think you’ll be pleased with the difference it can make!