Gum Disease Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

When you think about visiting the dentist, you likely think about having your teeth cleaned. 

Most of us know that taking care of our teeth is one of the primary reasons we visit the dentist and brush and floss each day. Often, however, we forget about another equally important area of our mouths: our gums! Unfortunately, many of us tend to overlook the health of our gums until they start giving us problems. 

It’s easy to take your healthy gums for granted, but unhealthy gums can quickly make a devastating impact on your overall dental health. Gum disease can spread fiercely and quietly, putting your whole mouth at risk without you even realizing it. Toothbrush & Floss at dentist in Phoenix AZ

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we work hard to help you prioritize the health of your gums. We understand that healthy teeth are just part of the equation and know that it takes more than the occasional dental appointment to protect your mouth from disease and decay. 

Gum disease is a massive problem all across the country—yet it is also incredibly preventable. If you are living with or at risk for gum disease, our dental team wants to help. Please call our front office staff today at (602) 843-6000 to schedule your dental appointment with Dr. Chad Hines, DDS

The Dangers of Gum Disease

Gum disease is remarkably common. The Center for Disease Control estimates that nearly half of American adults over the age of thirty are living with some degree of gum disease. Gum disease, also known as “periodontal disease,” “gingivitis,” or “periodontitis” within the dental community, can be mild, moderate, or severe. 

Periodontal disease infects your gum tissues and the areas of jawbone that surround your teeth. Gum disease is so dangerous because it puts all of your teeth at risk. Even very healthy teeth can fall out of your mouth if your periodontal disease advances far enough.

Gum disease is often ignored or left untreated because patients either do not realize they have the condition or are too afraid to seek treatment. Many patients become embarrassed about their gum disease and stop visiting the dentist altogether, which only worsens the problem. The best way to prevent gum disease is to stay on top of your dental hygiene at home and regularly come to our Phoenix dental office for routine treatment. 

Gum disease typically develops out of poor oral hygiene habits, such as infrequent brushing and flossing. However, even steady oral hygiene habits are not always enough to keep gum disease at bay. Over time, particles from the foods you eat stick to your teeth and can get lodged in hard-to-reach-places. The average toothbrush is not designed to reach 100 percent of the cracks and crevices in your mouth, which is why you still need to visit the dentist for deep dental cleanings. 

During your routine dental exam and cleaning in Phoenix, our treatment team thoroughly cleans your teeth and removes any plaque and bacteria that have built up in your mouth. We use professional dental instruments and are specially trained to provide you with the deep cleaning your teeth need to remove tartar from your mouth. 

Additionally, because gum disease can be tricky to spot during its mild and early stages, your dentist might be the first person to catch and diagnose your gum disease. We might notice slight bleeding when we clean your teeth or observe patches or tartar that are difficult to see without handheld dental mirrors. The earlier the condition is diagnosed, the earlier we can treat it, and the more teeth we can save!

If you suspect you have gum disease, do not wait to call our dentist office in Phoenix! We cannot stress the importance of early detection and early treatment when dealing with gum disease. 

Signs and Stages of Gum Disease 

Unfortunately, thousands of patients who are living with gum disease have no idea because the signs and symptoms of the condition are so subtle.

Stage One

Many people who are in the early stage of gum disease will develop a condition known as “gingivitis.” Common signs of gingivitis include bad breath, sore and bleeding gums, and pus. During this first stage of gum disease, the infection is working its way into your gums. You might notice symptoms of tenderness, bleeding, or swelling around your gums, especially when you brush and floss. Gingivitis is entirely treatable, so if you see signs of gingivitis, it is crucial to get treatment immediately to stop the disease from progressing into periodontitis.

Stage Two

The second stage of gum disease, periodontitis, is much more severe. Untreated cases of gingivitis often lead to periodontitis, where the infection spreads to your jawbone, teeth, and connective tissues between your teeth. When the disease gets this far, small pockets of space will open up between your teeth and your gums. These pockets collect bacteria and food particles over time. Eventually, the pockets become infected due to the build-up of bacteria—which leads to bone loss, tissue loss, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. 

Treatment for Gum Disease in North Phoenix 

Dentist in Phoenix performing periodontal examWe can help you stay a step ahead of gum disease with good oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings. Our goal is to prevent gum disease in Moon Valley entirely!

If we find that you do have infected gums, however, we will provide customized treatment based on your overall dental health and the extent of your infection. If you are still in the early stage of gingivitis, we will typically recommend an in-depth, comprehensive professional dental cleaning at our dental office. Often, having a thorough dental appointment and improving your at-home oral hygiene routine is all you need to reverse your gingivitis. 

If we find signs of periodontitis, we will recommend gum infection treatment. During this process, your hygienist thoroughly cleans your teeth and washes away bacteria, then smooths the root surfaces of your teeth to prevent bacteria from reattaching itself. We would then flush the area with an antibacterial rinse to get rid of any bacteria that remain and give your smile a fresh new start.

To ensure that we have your periodontitis under control, we will have you return to our Phoenix dental office in four to six weeks for a follow-up appointment. We may also recommend more frequent cleanings in the future to stay a step ahead of any recurrence of the infection. Typically, we can treat your gum disease in Moon Valley with focused dental care and frequent check-ups to monitor your progress. 

Schedule An Exam With Our Phoenix Dentist 

Routine dental visits are the key to avoiding gum disease and its associated problems. If you are behind on your dental appointments or need a deep dental cleaning, our Phoenix dentists can help. 

If you already live with gum disease, our dental office can thoroughly clean your teeth, teach you better at-home dental habits, and restore health to your gums. Don’t go another day with a compromised smile! Take the first step toward gum disease recovery by giving us a call today at (602) 843-6000 to schedule your next dental appointment.