Root Canal Treatment in Phoenix

Woman with bad tooth pain in need of a root canal in Phoenix, AZRoot canals tend to get a bad reputation. Unless you’ve undergone a root canal treatment yourself, you probably have the impression that root canals are painful and scary. The reality is, however, that this mistaken impression could not be further from the truth. Root canals relieve pain that already exists within a tooth, rather than causing additional pain as they are sometimes thought to do. 

When a tooth is severely decayed, that decay reaches the innermost areas of the tooth. Your tooth pulp is extremely sensitive, which means it is painful when bacteria enter the root. Pain is the most prominent symptom you will experience when you need a root canal, as the pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. When your tooth reaches this point, you need root canal treatment—and you should get it as quickly as you can. 

If you need a root canal, our dental practice is standing by ready to help. Our dentist in Phoenix, AZ has decades of experience with performing root canals. When our clinical team works on your mouth, we will do everything we can to ensure your treatment is stress-free, gentle, and efficient. We know root canals can be intimidating, but with our experienced dentists on your side, there is nothing to fear. 

If you have an extremely painful tooth or if you suspect you may need a root canal, call us right away at (602) 843-6000 to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Chad Hines, DDS. We will get you into our dental office immediately so that our dentists can examine the area and determine your best course of treatment. 

The Importance of Treating Root Canal Infections

Root canals are so crucial because they make it possible to save infected or damaged teeth that otherwise could not remain in your mouth. 

Natural, permanent teeth are always the best thing to have in your smile, which means it’s our goal to save as many of them as we can. We would always rather preserve a natural tooth than have to extract it and replace it with an artificial dental restoration. The importance of root canals lies in their ability to keep teeth viable and functioning after they sustain damage. Root canals can mean the difference between keeping and losing some of your most essential teeth.  

Root canal treatments can do what no other dental procedure can: go deep inside a tooth’s interior and remove dangerous, foreign invaders. If your tooth is damaged or decayed and you want the best chance of saving it, a root canal is often the answer.  

How Root Canals Save Compromised Teeth

As we discussed above, root canal treatment penetrates the tooth’s surface and delves deeper into the structure of the tooth. Root canals save compromised teeth by allowing dentists to remove decay and refill the tooth with good, sturdy material that can strengthen the tooth. 

Root canal treatment gets its name from the canals of your tooth roots. Deep inside each of your teeth, there is a substance known as “pulp.” Tooth pulp contains an intricate system of nerves, tissues, and blood vessels that keep the tooth vital and alive. Within the root of each tooth, you will also find small passages, or “canals.” The contents of your tooth pulp extend and run through your root canals. 

Tooth pulp gets infected for a variety of different reasons, including trauma to the tooth, gum disease, or severe tooth decay. When the tooth pulp is infected, the infection will quickly spread throughout the tooth and into the tooth roots. It does not take long to notice pain and swelling symptoms once the infection reaches the roots. 

This infection has the potential to seriously damage your tooth and eventually even lead to tooth loss. When you or your dentist become aware of the infection, it’s time for a root canal treatment. Our Moon Valley dentists perform root canals on infected teeth to save the teeth and to eliminate your pain. When you come into our dental office for root canal treatment, we will remove the infected pulp and seal the root canals off. We also refill your tooth with an artificial replacement. This helps keep your tooth secure and prevents you from having to live with a hollow, fragile tooth shell. 

If you have a compromised tooth, don’t wait any longer to contact our dental office. We can even perform an emergency root canal in Phoenix if your pain is unbearable. If you know you need a root canal or need to have your mouth examined by our dentists, please call us immediately at (602) 843-6000. We can eliminate your pain and get your tooth healthy again! 

What to Expect During Your Root Canal Treatment

Patient getting a root canal in Phoenix, AZWhen it’s time for us to perform your root canal treatment, we will first make sure that your symptomatic tooth is completely numb and that you can’t feel a thing. Our dental team will always make you as comfortable as possible, providing amenities such as pillows and blankets. If you are still extremely anxious about your treatment, we offer nitrous oxide to help you feel more relaxed and at-ease. 

Once you are relaxed and ready for us to begin treatment, our Phoenix dentist will start by drilling a small hole in your tooth to gain access to the canals containing your tooth pulp. Dr. Hines will then use special dental instruments to visualize and remove the infected dental pulp tissue. This process is precise and requires skill and concentration. 

After we finish removing the infected material, we will then rinse and clean your tooth canals so they are ready to receive the artificial replacement, which is a rubber-like material known as “gutta-percha.” Once we pack your tooth canals with gutta-percha, Dr. Hines will then place a temporary (and eventually a permanent and customized) tooth crown on top of your tooth to protect the vulnerable access area. Since you will have a dental crown covering the tooth, no one will ever know you had root canal treatment! 

Although your tooth may be sore or tender after your procedure, the extreme and overwhelming pain you felt before the root canal treatment will be gone! 

Contact Our Phoenix Dental Office Today!

After years of negative conditioning, it’s understandable that you still may have some hesitation about having a root canal. The team at Dental Care at Moon Valley, however, has helped restore the oral health of hundreds of patients with root canal treatments. This means we know just how to help during this difficult time and how to make you comfortable!

If you think you need a Phoenix, AZ root canal, we urge you to give our office a call at (602) 843-6000 to arrange a dental appointment. We will get you in to see our dentists immediately and get you well on your way toward a healthier, pain-free smile!