Tooth-Colored Fillings in Phoenix, AZ

If you are like most people, you have had at least one cavity in the past. Even if you diligently care for your teeth and prioritize your oral health, cavities can still creep in. 

Years ago, getting a cavity filled meant being stuck with a visible, silver filling for the rest of your life. Materials used for fillings were very noticeable against a backdrop of white teeth, and there was no better option available. Today, however, patients across the world can opt for beautiful, tooth-colored dental fillings instead of the metal fillings.

Do you need a cavity filled near Phoenix, AZ? Our treatment team members at Dental Care at Moon Valley have devoted themselves to staying current with the latest dental advancements. We want to provide our patients with the highest quality materials and the best dental technology available. When we use tooth-colored filling material, we can incorporate state-of-the-art elements with routine dental procedures to achieve a beautiful smile for you.  

Contact us at Dental Care at Moon Valley to schedule your tooth-colored filling procedure. Dr. Chad Hines, DDS can remove the cavity from your tooth and leave you with a subtle, natural-looking tooth-colored filling that will blend seamlessly with your smile. Our Phoenix dentist sees patients Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., so call us today at (602) 843-6000

How Cavities Develop

Woman drinking a dark soda at restaurant in PhoenixDental fillings are a standard procedure in Phoenix, and most people will need a filling at least once in their lifetime. Dental fillings remove decay, also known as a cavity, from a tooth and restore, or “fill,” the space left behind to protect and strengthen the tooth. 

A cavity develops when enough plaque and bacteria attack an otherwise healthy tooth. Cavities can start small and continue to grow if left untreated. A cavity will permanently damage the outer surface of a tooth and leave a small hole. Cavities develop all the time and are typically the result of poor oral hygiene or excessively unhealthy diets. 

Some people are more genetically predisposed to getting cavities because of their softer tooth enamel. However, even those with durable enamel and those who are the most diligent tooth brushers are not immune to cavities. Cavities often develop in hard-to-reach-places that don’t get thoroughly cleaned during your daily at-home oral hygiene routine. For this reason, you need to regularly visit your dentist for routine teeth cleanings and dental exams. The longer you go between professional dental cleanings, the more likely you are to develop cavities—and in most cases, the cavities are entirely preventable.

It’s easy to see how crucial preventive treatments like dental exams and cleanings are for maintaining good oral health. When we detect and treat decay in its earliest stages, we have the best opportunity to stop the damage and restore your healthy smile.

Symptoms of Cavities & Tooth Decay

Because cavities start very small, you won’t always notice the signs of a cavity on your own. Many people don’t realize they have a cavity until they visit the dentist for their routine dental cleaning in Phoenix, and we spot the cavity on a dental x-ray. Having routine dental x-rays taken is another reason it’s so important to visit our dentist at least twice each year for dental appointments! 

However, if you have sensitive teeth or if your cavity has progressed, you will likely notice several of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweets 
  • Pain or tenderness when you bite down
  • A localized pain in one portion of a tooth
  • Strange staining or discoloration on your tooth 

If you experience these symptoms or suspect that you might have a cavity, it’s essential to contact our dental office right away. Your cavity will only get worse and more painful if you leave it untreated. Our dentists can provide you with a beautiful tooth-colored filling, so there is no reason to wait! 

Protect Your Teeth with Dental Fillings

So why do you need a dental filling, anyway? Without a dental filling, your cavity remains in your mouth and continues to grow in size. The longer you leave your cavity untreated, the longer it will eat away at your tooth and destroy the healthy bone and tissue structures. Your cavity consists of powerful, hungry bacteria that can eventually travel to the innermost portion of your tooth. Once the infection spreads to your tooth roots, it will do significant damage. 

Dental fillings help maintain your oral health by 1) ridding your mouth of the dangerous cavity and 2) bolstering your tooth back up and strengthening it after the cavity is gone. Your dental filling fills in the gaps that would otherwise exist in your teeth due to dental decay. Once we remove the cavity and fill the space with artificial dental filling material, your tooth can become strong and healthy once more. 

If you have a cavity in your mouth, a dental filling is the best way to protect your smile. With today’s attractive, tooth-colored fillings, there is no reason to delay getting your dental filling. Once our dentist restores your tooth, you can go on eating, speaking, and smiling as you always have—without having to worry about anyone noticing a clunky, shiny filling. 

Why We Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings in Phoenix 

At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we choose to use tooth-colored fillings because we want to give our patients the most beautiful smiles we can. Thanks to modern dental technology, we have access to so many updated materials that can protect and repair smiles without compromising the smiles’ appearance. Composite, tooth-colored fillings are every bit as durable as the metal fillings used in the past, and we want to provide the best treatment options available! 

Digital graphic of a tooth colored filling in Phoenix AZTooth-colored fillings in Phoenix are beautiful and functional. Our dentist can prepare your tooth-colored composite dental filling material so that it closely matches your teeth’s natural shade of white. These modern, durable fillings are virtually undetectable no matter where they are in your mouth. That means that even if you need a filling on your front tooth, no one should be able to tell it’s there when you smile. 

We can also use tooth-colored fillings to repair minor cosmetic dental flaws. If you have problems such as broken or chipped teeth, our dentists can likely fix the damage with a tooth-colored filling that blends right in. 

Another benefit of tooth-colored composite fillings is that they are typically more comfortable than their metal counterparts. You are less likely to experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods with a tooth-colored filling because there is no metal to react to the external temperature. Additionally, our Moon Valley dentists bond your tooth-colored filling material directly to your tooth structure, which means we never have to remove a lot of your natural tooth to place the filling. 

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Our patients like tooth-colored fillings because they provide a seamless repair that improves their appearance and their health. At Dental Care at Moon Valley, we want you to live with your best possible smile—and our tooth-colored dental fillings can help you do that.

If you need to schedule your next dental exam, please contact our dentist office in Phoenix today at (602) 843-6000